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Copper bird water features bring the pond to life and Gladys fountain in the centre of the Lavender and box triangle adds a focus point to draw the eye

Geometric Garden

This garden underwent a transformation that required major excavation to remove an old concrete pond and large rockery. It was a requirement to design the garden with ponds for the generations of frogs, toads and newts that had been living in the garden.

It was also a requirement to provide large seating areas at both ends of the garden to catch the sun at the beginning and end of the day and to create entertaining areas. The garden was designed using geometric shapes to create two paths down the garden which were edged with cedar and have a slate chipping surface.

Box hedging and box balls were used as structural planting, with Phormiums and Cordylines used as accents within the mix of perennials and flowering shrubs in the garden. Pots on the sunny Terracotta terrace grow a wide variety of herbs which give the garden a Mediterranean feel, as well as painting the office and pergola in bright blue Mediterranean colours.