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Garden Design

We offer a bespoke garden design service tailored to your individual requirements with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, using the best of English and American garden design.

Initial consultation

We offer an initial consultation visit with the client regarding their garden. This enables us to become acquainted and to discuss your requirements and ideas, and for one of our design team to offer suggestions and possibilities. There will be a charge for this initial consultation but if any of our design services are subsequently commissioned, this consultation charge will be deducted from the costs of further work.


Survey and Sketch Plan

Following the initial consultation above, a full survey is offered which includes taking accurate measurements and levels; making notes of all trees, shrubs, etc. assessing the aspect and boundary influences on the garden ie. Neighbour's trees, buildings; undertaking a soil analysis, assessing drainage, drains, dpc and any other details that are relevant. From this survey and initial consultation with a client, a preliminary sketch plan is produced incorporating the initial ideas that were discussed. This plan is then discussed at a follow-up meeting with the client noting any changes or additions that may be required.


This is the final plan that is produced which follows on from the survey and sketch plan. It is a detailed scale drawing that has all of the structural elements of the garden and can include any or all of the following: walls, terraces, paths, water features, lighting, pergolas, arbours, gazebos, seating ares, shapes of shrub and perennial borders and structural planting (ie trees and hedges). The final plan is in colour which has notes to specify types of materials to be used. Elevations are used to illustrate aspects of the design to make it clearer for the client. An axonometric drawing is also an optional extra which brings the clients design to life giving it an added dimension. If required, construction specifications can be produced which will enable the client to get like for like quotations from landscapers.

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Detailed planting plan

This is a very detailed plan and sets out the entire planting layout for the garden. It is designed to maximise year round interest with select plant combinations. The planting plan includes all trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, grasses, bulbs, acquatic plants, and annuals. It also includes a plant list with numbers of plants, sizes, and is very specific to species.

Other Services

Project management

We are available to project manage your garden project to ensure that all aspects of the build are carried out as specified. All problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently so as to minimise potential headaches for the client. We are available to vet potential landscapers for you/and or manage those that you have chosen or we have recommended. Because Jo-Anne has landscape construction qualifications, she is experienced in the management of all aspects of construction.



We are available for consultancy regarding your garden, from questions regarding your plants, to brainstorming with you on how to enhance your garden. We can also develop garden maintenance programmes that will enable you to look after your garden yourselves or with help.

Planting and Implemention of Planting Plans

This service involves qualified horticulturalists to lay out and plant according to the planting plan as well as prepare the soil according to the plants needs; ie the addition of bone meal, organic or ericaceous compost, horticultural grit, and so on. Each plant is planted giving special care to ensure its optimum health.

Landscape services

We work with contractors and craftsmen that are experts at brick laying, slab laying, constructing pergolas and arbours, and all other areas of construction. We design layout plans for outdoor lighting and water features and work with qualified electricians to connect it all safely and expertly. We recommend LED lighting which is hugely energy efficient and very effective. Also, we work with irrigation specialists who can ensure that your garden is automatically kept well watered during dry spells.